Bill Marin - Press PhotoBill Marín is a 30 year veteran of the music industry and the “only” Latino executive whose career spans both the mainstream (English-language) and Latin music industries. He has worked for Fania, CBS (Sony), Casablanca, A&M Records and was General Manager & Vice President of RMM Records, the home of Marc Anthony, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri and the largest roster of Salsa artists at the time.

Before he joined RMM Records, Bill Marín for 10 years ran his own record promotional & marketing company (San Marino Entertainment), then the largest independent promotional and marketing firm in the Spanish-language music industry in the U.S.. Bill Marín’s extensive experience includes every aspect of the music industry from production (packaging), selection songs for radio, radio promotion, marketing, developing sales strategies for Latino retail stores, branding and publicity.

Today, his new company, Demand Entertainment for the past 8 years, has expanded into the following areas; consultant to major and independent record labels (English & Spanish), branding of Latino talent & products in the Hispanic market in the U.S., management of Hispanic talent in music, radio and TV personalities and developing advertising campaigns for clients.

After five years in the Latin record industry with Fania Records, Marín was asked to join Casablanca Records as its West Coast Rhythm & Blues Regional Director. Marín recalls the moment as, “The opportunity to join a major mainstream record label was a significant stepping stone in my career. It provided me with the opportunity to promote some of the biggest names in Pop, R&B and Dance music. For example: Donna Summer, Village People, Captain & Tennile, Parliament, and Cameo were among the big name artists we promoted.

With 11 years experience in Latin & “mainstream” record companies under his belt, Marín decided to start his own record company (San Marino Entertainment) by providing promotional and marketing services to mainstream (English-language) record labels. This venture included promoting records to CHR/Rhythmic (Top 40 dance) radio stations by Dance/Pop & R&B artists. Most of the artists he promoted were of Latin heritage and included such names as: the Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Corina, Lisette Melendez, Nancy Martinez and Denise Lopez.

After five years, Marín grew his organization to be the largest Spanish radio promotion and marketing firm in the U.S., and promoted some of today’s biggest Latin and crossover acts. Here are some of his successes: Linda Ronstadt, Gipsy Kings, Marc Anthony, and Luis Miguel. “Our success was best characterized by being able to identify “the right” record that the public and radio wanted to hear at that moment, few people in the music industry have mastered this skill”, stated Marín.       

In 1996, he joined RMM Records, distributed by Universal Music, as General Manager/Vice President for the U.S. & Puerto Rico. At the time, RMM was the home of Latin stars Marc Anthony, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri and the largest roster of Salsa artist. Of course, Marc Anthony has become one of the major crossover successes in Pop music today and Bill feels as if he was instrumental in Anthony’s success. Marín promoted every single in Marc Anthony’s career and marketed his albums during his tenure with San Marino Entertainment and when he joined RMM Records.

The year prior to Marín joining RMM Records, the company had grossed $8.5 million with Sony; in Marín’s first year of operation with Universal, the company grossed $13 million. In his second year, the company posted $18 million in gross sales. At that time, he perused Ralph Mercado, the owner of RMM Records to sell 50% of the label to Universal Music. Under Marín direction with the company’s lawyers he got an offer of $21 million from Universal for 50% for the label. The offer was turned down by Mr. Mercado.